For this week’s “So Chic” challenge we’re following the MET Gala’s lead and taking on the PUNK trend. Am I hanging around too many fashion people or is the word “punk” being thrown around in every sentence !? I happen to be on board on with the fad but there are a couple tips to note when taking on this tricky trend:

1. Pick ONE punky staple piece, preferably with some hardware on it like spikes or studs. In this case I chose a studded vest.
2. Pair the punky staple with feminine pieces to balance thing’s out. I chose a tutu. Clearly, this is taking feminine to a whole other level.
3. Add a neon accent. Neon is part of the punk look without being too aggressive or masculine. I chose neon pumps but you could go with a neon belt, jewelry or bag.


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  1. Great outfit! I’m loving the new SCSC weekly feature. And really like that you include a bunch of options from different stores in the post.

    by Emma Reply
  2. Much better look than the actual “stars” at the Met’s Gala mess. You have such great fashion taste. Punk actually looks good!

    by margot Reply
  3. Thank you for doing punk! Loving this look and this feature. Can’t wait to see what you do next week! xoxo, Simone

    by Simone Reply
      • Thank you for doing my suggestion! I will keep them coming! Would love to see your take on something Memorial Day inspired… neon cutoffs? maxi dresses? sunglasses? hats? i would love to add a penny chic touch to my look for the bbq i’m planning that day! give me some inspiration! xoxo Simone

        by Simone