Today’s post is very SPECIAL! Why you ask? Because I’m debuting Penny Chic’s FIRST EVER Chic TV video segment (see below) where I’m presented with a styling challenge under a budget. Not only that, but today (Maria Shriver’s website where she shares ideas and inspiration for Change) is publishing a piece I wrote about the mission behind Penny Chic along with some tips on how to dress chic on a budget! Click here to check it out. It’s a big day people….

Watch the video below and see how I helped sisters Amy, Eslee, and Samantha Vides find three outfits that match their individual style. Best part is, everything is under $45. I had an absolute BLAST playing dress up with these gals. You’ll understand why when you watch!

Here are the photos of the winning outfits. Which one is your favorite?

Shop it Online:

Printed Long Skirt
Ruffle Top (similar idea, but not the same)

Shop it Online:

Tribal Convertible Dress
Strappy Sandals

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Plaid Cami (similar idea but not exact)
White Jeans (similar but not exact)
Embellished Sandals

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Yay!!!! Good for you! Nice article on I enjoyed watching your video and really love all three of these outfits. Each is unique and those prices are awesome. I can’t decide which I like best, but if I go for pants, I definitely would wear Sam’s outfit. Thank you for empowering us all the be superstar fashionistas!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. whoops…meant to say “empowering us all TO be superstar fashionistas!”

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. These outfits are brilliant ! i cant imagine putting together a full outfit like these under 50 dollars !
    and these girls look like so much fun, Haven’t seen them on penny chic before :)

    by Natalie Reply
  4. this has been my favorite post EVER on penny chic! i’m from new jersey, and i never used to go to wal mart, you definitely inspired me to start going shopping there more! this video was so refreshing and everything the girls tried on was adorable!!keep it up shauna!!!


    by tatiana Reply
  5. I love this post! I’m looking at walmart and other discount stores more and more for cute fashions now. Thanks Penny Chic!

    by Jennifer Reply
  6. Love this post. never seen these girls before, they are very relatable. They remind me of my friends and i. Loved all three outfits ! great job penny chic. xoxo from Maine !

    by Ana Reply
  7. This is so great! Way to go, Shauna! You really helped to capture each of their personalities, and their outfits complimented each body type beautifully.

    by Dana Reply
  8. was looking through your looks and came upon this post, can i say love it ? omg this post was so cute ! each outfit is so beautifully put together. Haven’t seen any of these girls in recent post. My pull is towards Eslee, reminds me of me ­čśÇ

    by Rocio H. Reply
    • I’m so happy you like the post Rocio! Eslee is fabulous…she has such a great energy and that outfit looks great on her!

      by shauna Reply