Meet Tiffany, my 17 year-old cousin who’s in her last semester of high school. Remember those last couple of months? They were a killer. My mom and I met Tiff at her house just after school to take this photo and there’s something about her vibe in this pic that’s so pure. I remember when I first saw her as a baby. Pale skin…rosy cheeks…flirty eyes…long eyelashes. Everyone was enamored. OK…I’m having one of those “where did the time go?” moments. Am I too young to say that statement? I’ve been feeling it A LOT this year!

This shirt is very age appropriate and the colors work perfectly with her complexion. This exact print is not being sold online, but if you like the style of this shirt, then check out these solid color shirts that have the same cut. You’ll be seeing these bermuda shorts a lot more in future shots (I know you can’t see them well here). They come in 4 different washes (including white) and they have a bit of stretch in them which is refreshing for jean shorts. For the Ferragamo-esque denim flats, click here.


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  1. I love this outfit, even though I can’t really see the shorts, there’s enough showing to get the jist of it.

    by Melanie Reply