Fall officially starts in a couple of days (the 22nd) which means the days of wearing outfits like the one here modeled by the ever so stunning stylista Sazan Barzani are few and far between. In other words, better live it up while you can!!

You know I’m all about a power clash as evident in Monday’s post and this outfit is the perfect display of two very different prints coming together in a harmonious way. It’s true, not all of us could pull off what Sazan has done here (remember when she wore this?), but the idea is to experiment with mixing bold prints like florals, leopards, and stripes to see what you come up with. If you’re scared to do it, wearing a black, white or neutral-colored jacket or vest is a great way to tone it down and balance out all the business. This vest might be white, but I’ll be wearing it under my moto jacket and possibly over knit sweaters and jeans for the fall.

What do you think: white after labor day–do or don’t?


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  1. That girl has legs for DAYS… no fair! I think white after labor day is fine as long as you pair it with other stuff that’s seasonally appropriate, like jackets and sweaters.

    by Emily Reply
  2. I love this outfit. It’s cute and playful! I also agree with Emily, I think that you can wear white after Labor Day as long as you pair it with clothes and patterns or (the shades of) colors that are suitable for the season. (ex: oxblood- which I believe is a shade of red, please correct me if I am wrong, lol- can be worn with white).

    by Stacey I. Reply