Ms. Ali, my newest muse, is rockin it for her Penny Chic debut. It doesn’t get much chic-er than this, my pennies. Ali is a new friend who I’ve been crushin on since the first time we met about 6 months ago. We met through one of Penny Chic’s MVP models, Hilary, and the three of us have since had some “good times” prancing around the city on the weekends. Ali is the coolest of chicks and I’m so happy to have her as a muse. #emomoment

To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die for this outfit!” I feel like I can already tell you the story of the woman who wears this look. She could be anywhere from 22 to 35. Lives in a city or wishes she did. Likes cocktails with friends and dates with potential suitors. She’s a hot mama that’s for sure! I’m lovin the puff sleeves on this Norma Kamali sweater dress. If you get it a couple sizes bigger (this is a small) you could wear it as an oversized sweater over jeans and if you unbutton it, it becomes an elegant cardigan for work. The leopard booties are my favorite part. I’m a big bootie girl (ha no pun intended) in general. I’m not sure they were meant to be uber trendy at Wal-Mart. but they certainly are and if paired with the right thing (tights and a LBD), they could even pass for being formal.

Shop it Online:
Leopard Booties

Sweater Dress

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I have been reading your blog since Perez Hilton posted it on Coco Perez, and I love all the outfits!
    But I think this one is my favorite by far! LOVE IT <3

    by Nina Reply
    • Thank you so much Nina! If you’ve been reading since Perez then you are one of my first and most loyal readers..Your support means a lot to me xoxo

      by shauna Reply
  2. aha! i LOVE this outfit! It looks brilliant on her body- this is the outfit for someone with curves. She looks so cute and those booties – i mean those LEOPARD booties. Well done!

    by JGryff Reply
  3. The closest Walmart to me here in Indy does not have anything Norma Kamali. I am going online now to call Walmart to see if any stores in Indianapolis has Norma Kamali. I just love this outfit. I love this site! Keep up the amazing work!

    by StarlaKay Reply
    • Yep you gotta get it online. Her stuff is amazing! Thanks for your kind words about the blog xoxo

      by shauna Reply