I know Michelle probably wins considering her dress is HAUTE COUTURE, but for $88 I think my dress does an exceptional job of capturing the feel of the look! Can I get a round of applause? After tirelessly looking for two full days, I came across this dress on a website called (the dress is brand new, not vintage). It originally came with a removable black ribbon belt which I took off. The brooch is a separate piece that I found on sale last minute at Target. So what do ya say–did I deliver my promise of an Oscar-inspired dress for under $100?

I’d like to thank the Penny Chic Academy…especially Brittnie (in the photo) who just joined the PC team! We work together at the Penny Chic Headquarters AKA my parent’s house (you can’t get more frugal than that) and she’s been a great support to have on board!

Shop it Online:
Unique Vintage Strapless Chiffon Dress $88
Merona Pink Clutch $12.99 (Target)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Shauna Miller (Me!)


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  1. Shauna, this looks so gorgeous. What a stunninig dress – it looks so much more expensive than $88. In addition, the pin on the side you added looks very lovely. Nice added touch. I def think you nailed this challenge. Does the dress look like Michelle Williams? Not really – however the look is still similiar esp. w/the added accessories and dress color. But more importantly-you created an Oscar worthy look for under $100. Well done once again!

    by Jen from MI Reply
  2. Great job! I was looking high and low for something like this, and you’ve found it. It really captures the same vibe, so pretty!

    by Kate Reply
  3. WOW! Super impressive. You totally aced that challenge and I’m totally amazed that you pulled it off. I actually didn’t think it would be possible. But you did it and you look phenomenal.

    by Jordan Reply
  4. Soooo much better than the actual oscar look. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ruffled peplum, but your look takes the concept and makes it actually wearable :) like it!

    by Ashley Reply
  5. You look like a MILLION bucks. I like Michelles’ dress but I must say for $88, you look great. You could have been on the ABC Oscar show talking to Robin Roberts & Tim Gunn. I just LOVE the headband as a necklace, that is so unique.

    by annebeth Reply
  6. Wow Shauna! I don’t know how you do it but I often wish you could come fill my closet with fabulously styled outfits at the prices you find. Your my fashion idol!!!

    by Danyele Reply
  7. AMAZING DRESS! Seriously there’s no way anyone would ever guess that’s 88 dollars. Great job recreating Michelle’s Haute Couture look…and p.s I actually like the color of yours better!

    by TallYenta Reply
  8. I wasn’t a huge fan of the oscar look to begin with so you completely sold me on your dress- it’s gorgeous and surprisingly cheap! Love the accessories too and they look amazing on you!

    -xoxo a nerdy new yorker

    P.S. I’m hugeee fan of your blog! Looking forward to more challenges ^^

    by Frannie Reply
  9. You got it, bang on! Perfect red for your skin tone. Just as the deep Tomato Red is perfect for Michelle.

    by Liana Reply
  10. Love it- I can’t believe you got an Oscar worthy dress for under $100! Impressed rather, but not surprised. You are amazing!

    by Jessica Reply
  11. I like your dress way better! I love the color and the cut- less fussy than Michelles’s (sorry Michelle). You are so adorable Shauna. Everything looks great on you!

    by Maggie Reply