This is the perfect everyday work look for those who would like something a little more lively than just trousers and a button down shirt. Burgundy is just the right balance between colorful and conservative for a more professional setting. This dress is a great “investment” piece (minus the investment part). You can wear it casually on the weekends with flip flops or boots (depending on the season) or add a blazer and pumps to make it work appropriate. The dress comes with a thin brown belt but we swapped it for this black one for $8 to match the blazer and pumps. If you’re like our Queen bee Sarah (today’s model) and you pretty much KILL IT at what you do then this outfit is a good match!

What are you wearing to work this Tuesday?

Shop the Items:
Attention Black Blazer $12.59 (Kmart)
Mossimo Peasant Dress $25.48 (Target)
Glo Black Pumps $19.99 (Kmart)
Sofia Vergara Hoop Earrings $8.99 (Kmart)
George Reversible Black Belt $8 (Walmart)

Model: Sarah Berry
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I love this look!!! I love the colour and how versatile the dress is, I would totally wear this outfit! I like how you swap out belts and give suggestions of other ways to wear things, really helpful hints. :)

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  2. This is the perfect office outfit, and it can also be worned outside of work. Great job!!

    by Keisha Reply
  3. A friend and I were just discussing how a black blazer is an essential wardrobe piece. I can’t believe this one is under $15 – a steal and a must!

    by Jessica Reply
  4. She looks beautiful! Saw this blazer in person, and it’s an amazing, was shocked!

    by mimileah Reply
  5. Love the dress, great idea to look for more interesting classic colours (black is so overused), the burgundy is great, so is a dark forest green, navy blue, or charcoal.

    by Liana Reply
  6. Glad everyone liked this outfit! It really is a great ensemble to wear to the office!

    by shauna Reply
  7. I need that black blazer! It is too sharp for only $15! Does anyone know if it fits true to size or does it run small? I’ve noticed most blazers tend to run on the small size.

    by Jen from MI Reply