Alex and I go way back to freshman year of college. She’s probably one of those chic-est gals I know. You know those people who can just pull off anything and make it look so cool and elegant? Well, that’s her and this outfit is no exception!

This is a men’s flannel shirt that I found at Walmart last year when I first started the blog. I wear it all the time with leggings when I’m traveling or having a casual day where I want to be comfortable. Walmart doesn’t carry this exact print, but they have ones very similar (see Shop the Look). You wouldn’t necessarily think to tuck a “boyfriend shirt” inside shorts but it works so well here. I love the combo of the navy, green, gray and brown in the outfit.

Who do you know who has that effortless style like Alex?

Shop the Look:
Faded Glory Flannel Shirt $9 (Walmart)
Faded Glory Navy Shorts $12.88 (Walmart)
Ana Beaded Necklace $14 (JC Penney)
Capelli Suede Biker Boots $30 (Walmart)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Alexandra Youdeem


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  1. Wow…those boots are awesome!

    Btw, Walmart is now carrying colored jeans, which I am super excited about. Helps me not spend a ton on a trend.

    by Crystal Reply
  2. I wish I was wearing this outfit right now!!! Maybe I can raid the boyfriend’s closet later…

    P.S. Thanks Crystal for the tip about Walmart’s colored jeans! I’m kinda obsessed right now.

    by Anna Rae Reply
  3. @Crystal–ooo haven’t seen the colored pants yet. Will have to check that out! Thx

    @Gini–yeah I pull that look all the time

    @Marybeth–thanks girl! xoxo

    @Ishah–So glad to hear that!

    @Momsic–thanks mom! love you!


    @Anna Rae–haha raid his closet and tell us what you find!

    by shauna Reply
  4. Love the boots! Too bad they’re sold out. :( I never would have thought to look at clothes at Walmart without this website.

    by Teri Reply