Shauna Miller Talks Dressing For Less: MyFoxLA.com

Hi Pennies!!

Guess what!!?? I’m going to be on TV again tomorrow morning! This time I’m on Good Day LA, one of the leading morning shows in the Los Angeles area!
It’s airing at 9am sharp on Fox 11. For those of you in the LA area, be sure to tune in or TIVO the segment! And for my Pennies outside of LA, it will be streaming LIVE from the Good Day LA website! Visit media.myfoxla.com/live to see it in real time on your computer!

I’m so nervous and excited all at the same time! I have 5 gorgeous models with me, most of whom you’ve already seen on the site! We’re presenting 5 summer outfits for less than $45. And I’ll definitely be posting the stills of the outfits for you to see close-up on Thursday.

Below is a slideshow of photos in real time that I’m sending to the blog from my phone from now until tomorrow after it airs! It will document the whole experience as it’s happening!!!

Hope you guys enjoy it and wish me luck!!!


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


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  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy for you, you’ll do fine I’m sure! Love the outfit!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. So exciting!! Have fun!

    PS – what do you plan on wearing!?

    by Chelsea Alise Reply
  3. just seen you on GDLA… you were great… they better watch their jobs!!! I love your site… thanks for sharing your secrets!… Wish they would of gave you more time…

    by Tamarah Rodriguez Reply
    • Tamarah! I’m so happy you got to me from GDLA! If it’s not too much trouble, tell them you liked having me on the show and maybe they’ll ask me back! XOXO

      by shauna Reply
  4. Awesome Shauna, for real! Super great! It’s a matter of time before you’re running your own brand for Walmart….and beyond! So happy for you! It’s inspiring to see one little idea sky rocket! I love it!

    by Tracy Reply
  5. I share the same sentiments as everyone else here. You were FANTASTIC!!! Great tv appearance! The ensembles are awesome as well!!! Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed watching the event unfold!

    by Anonymous Reply