Not that I was around in Paris in the 1960s or anything, but I could imagine this is what a chic young lady would wear to buy her brie and baguette.

The striped tunic by Miss Tina is a very useful item to have in your closet. It can be worn as a shirt or a dress depending on the size you get. In the back of the tunic there is a drawstring which you can tie in the front to create more of a waist. We wanted to style this shirt loosely with a belt, so we tied the string in the back. The shirt reminds me of Jean Seberg’s iconic shirt in the classic 1965 French Film, “Breathless” by Godard. The Norma Kamali pants are very comfortable because of the jersey material. They are loose fitting and look best with a longer/looser top. The patent sandals have a very retro look to them to match the whole era of the look.

Qu’est que tu penses?


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  1. That’s quit a pose… and a tote to boot! Seriously- I loved wearing this shirt it’s so soft and comfortable and I’m a huge fan of stripes. The pants i could live in and they dress up really well!

    by JGryff Reply