This is what happens when you take a drab Men’s button down and give it the life it never had. The key here was rolling up the sleeves, popping the collar, and obviously cinching the waist tightly with a belt. The belt was too big to cinch her waist so we just tucked it inside itself which has a cool look of its own.

They may call these sneakers “Oxford Lace Up Shoes”, but let’s be honest here….they’re just Converse for half the price. Can you tell a difference? The shocking part is that these are actually Mens shoes. We found a size 7 which is the equivalent to a Womens 9. Would you ever guess that half the items in this outfit were from the Men’s department?

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller

Model: Erin Scharfman

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  1. Nice outfit. I like how you’ve incorporated the men’s items to be feminine! Very smart!!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. Can you give details about these jeans? where did you get them? Where could I find them?

    by Monzi Reply
  3. Hi Monzi–You can find them at Walmart in store. I just went to a Walmart today and saw them being sold. Call your local Walmart and ask if they sell Phat Fashions Jeans.

    by shauna Reply