I’m not sure what “outdoor delight” necessarily means, but it just felt right with the attitude of the photo. Can you see where I’m coming from or am I truly running out of outfit themes?

I’ve used this printed tunic a couple times, but I’ve never used it in this color before. The purple works perfectly with the dark wash jeans and also goes nicely with Nicole’s complexion. If you never got around to buying it before, do it now because it’s on clearance for $10! The denim capris are a throwback to the pedal pushers of the 1950s and 60s. The length hitting just under the knee is very slenderizing for Nicole’s already long stems. The wedges remind me of Swedish Hasbeen shoes which are trendier than ever this spring, but I guarantee you, the Faded Glory ones are far more comfortable and a fraction of the price!

Shop it Online:
Denim Capris (not exact ones, but similar)
Printed Tunic
Strappy Wedge Sandals (not exact ones, but similar)

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Every time you post this tunic I tell myself that I need to pick one up the next time I’m in Walmart, and now I’m adding the wedges to the list. Love!!!

    by Brianna Reply
  2. I like it! but I would’ve used a different colored necklace, maybe a bright yellow or green. because the black one blends in with the print of the shirt.

    by Mia Reply
  3. I’ve got this tunic! YEP, not in the purple but in the gray/blue shade. Everytime I wear it I get compliments. And their eyes get even wider when I tell them it came from walmart. I wear it with jeggins and turn up the cuff. Dressier flip flops and big long sparkly silver necklaces complete the look. Soooo comfortable!

    by Tammy Reply
  4. This really is PENNY chic – I went to WM last night to get this top because I loved it so much on the website, and it was on clearance for ONE DOLLAR!!!!! Gotta love it!

    by Gwen Reply
  5. I went to my store today and bought this tunic on clearance for $7. Yay! Got some denim capris and the pull-on capris from the other day. Fun!

    by Christy Reply