You may recognize today’s model, Thia, from the “Summer Work Staple Series” I did for! For Thia’s look this time, I wanted to test out the monochromatic trend. That’s when you wear the same colored pieces in your outfit or pull a “matchy matchy” moment as some people like to call it. This version is more of ombre than anything else, where the jacket is darker than the Hanes tee underneath it and the tee is darker than the pink necklace. There’s a gradient scheme happening here and I’m totally into it. Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you can’t rock color! Choose one and play around with all the different shades of it in your outfit.

Would you wear orange on orange?


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  1. I really like this outfit – it looks put together without being too “matchy matchy”. And it really gives new life to a basic tee!

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  2. Great color! And the blazer and the necklace definitely dress up the outfit a notch. xoxo

    by Jordan Reply
  3. Shauna, Kmart should seriously consider putting you on their payroll. You create such stylish yet super affordable looks w/their clothes. I LOVE this look. That orange blazer is ridiculously adorable w/those jeans. Kudos to you : )

    by Jen Reply