The last outfit Rachel modeled was Hoo La La Chic but today she’s “ooo la la chic” for obvious reasons. The dress is actually a peasant top which we got in a large size to make it pass for a dress. Obviously the length won’t work for everyone but it’s a good lesson on how to play around with sizes to get a completely different outfit! Ideally, opaque black tights would be better than the ones we’re using here. You can’t see it too well in the photo but the earrings are the same blue as the dress which really ties everything together and makes her face pop from the outfit.

What do you think of this outfit for under $40?

Shop it Online:
Peasant Top
Ankle Boots

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Rachel Williams


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  1. Love it! Super cute and while the length is too short for me, it looks absolutely adorable on her. I’m headed to Wal-Mart this weekend to see if I can find the tunic for my daughter! :)

    by Donna Reply
  2. I like how the booties are paired with the tights, it tricks the eye into seeing her legs as longer. Cute outfit! I don’t begrudge anyone being able to wear something like this. But if someone had to they could always wear knee high boots and a longer shirt/dress with the tights. Either way!

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. I’ve seen plenty of girls wearing dresses (yes, dresses.. not shirts) this short. I think if you’re comfortable and it’s not exposing any ‘cheek’ then why not? Before I had kids I most likely would have worn this outfit and not thought anything of it. With opaque tights I’d probably wear it now. She looks hot and I love the boots with this outfit.

    by Ishah Reply
  4. Is it true that walmart collaborators use the same prints in multiple designs?

    by Anonymous... Reply
  5. Love the tunic & the idea of playing with sizes/proportions. However this looks like she’s wearing a long top – not a short dress.

    by Yvonne Reply
  6. I would wear the tall boots and longer dress as suggested, but wouldn’t bash on the model’s owl outfit or design. I have more class than that.

    by Jodi Reply
  7. Sounds like everyone has strong feelings on this one. In my opinion, lots of young women wear mini dresses with tights. This one feels more appropriate because it’s loose fitting and long sleeves, but still sexy. Keep the conversation going though!

    by shauna Reply
  8. I think someone here is jealous of the skinny model and the comments you leave in response to other readers…hmmmm

    by Dan Reply
  9. Yeah. That’s definitely not a dress, but I love the shoes and perhaps with some actual leggings, anyone could pull that off. The model looks super cute, but needs some PANTS to cover that bum.

    by Kristen Reply
  10. I’m confused — am I the commenter people are calling jealous and snarky? I didn’t mean for my comment to be mean, just that I think this look could work on someone with different proportions (short torsos, in particular). It looks good in the picture but when I imagine her legs uncrossed or in motion, I don’t know how her butt is not hanging out!

    by Emily Reply
  11. maybe some opaque tights would be better than the sheer? I feel that if she bends over the top might be too short.

    by tine Reply
  12. Love it! I think this outfit would look adorable on a my boyfriend’s sister. That being said, I also think it looks perfect on your model. The styling down to the hair is lovely.

    by Brianna Reply
  13. Emily- I think I am the one being targeted, considering my comment was removed. I was in no way trying to be rude, just simply stating my opinion. We each have our own thoughts on something.

    by Anonymous... Reply
  14. Everyone has the right to their opinion and I appreciate everyone being honest. The models are my close friends, and like any good friend, I feel protective of them…so if a comment seems ill spirited, I will remove it but I’ve only ever done this a couple times in the year I’ve had this blog. Thx for all your comments guys!!

    by shauna Reply