Back in college, I had a student job that required me to wear a university polo to work every day.  Luckily, at some point during my junior year, I figured out that the polo was way less embarrassing if I threw a cardigan over it.  Thus began my “everyday look”– a USC polo, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans.  The “everyday look” quickly turned into a full-on fashion rut, and even after graduation, I often found myself throwing on a v-neck tee with a cardigan and some jeans before running out the door in the morning.

Here’s what I learned: Jeans can be surprisingly tricky to style– if you normally wear them with one type of outfit, it can be hard to think of them any other way.  The good thing is, with a little inspiration, this staple can also be your best friend because jeans go with almost everything else you already own (see my last post for proof– I’m basically recycling everything again here.) 

Below are three totally different outfits, all styled with (you guessed it) one pair of jeans– how’s that for a little Monday inspiration?

[sidenote: I guess it's time to learn some new poses, isn't it?]


Outfit #1:

We’ve been seeing oxblood everywhere this fall (see our Trend Alert from October), and I love the way this oxblood top brings a pop of color AND some fun embellishments to my look without being over-the-top.  I kept it refined by throwing a simple black jacket on top, then added the super-professional structured handbag and a pair of basic black pumps to round out this “professional but cool” ensemble.


Outfit #2:

[sidenote: I won't be adding this pose to my repertoire any time soon...]

The classic “jeans and a button-down”  (or “jeans and a flannel shirt“) look.  While this could easily turn into a new rut, I tried to keep things fresh with some layered necklaces and bracelets.  I also highlighted by jawline (hence the awkward pose…) by putting my hair up and away from my face, slightly popping my collar, and adding my new FAVORITE accessory, a pair of costume jewelry stud earrings.


Outfit #3:

This outfit took approximately four minutes to put together.  I balanced out this sweater’s sweet print with a pair of cool (faux) leather boots and added my own personal touch with a few layered bracelets, and I was done!  This would work equally well with a solid-colored sweater, or really any basic top.  The key is to balance the different elements (here, it was “sweet” and “cool”) and add a little something extra to show your personality.


Hope these outfits inspire you to create some fun looks with the clothes you already have in your closet!

xo, Erin


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  1. Black jeans are the best. Your poses, adorable. I could literally wear my black skinnies every day of the week with different styles. I love all 3 looks you put together. Great ideas!

    by ROMA Reply
    • Thanks!! These ones are actually super dark denim, but I agree- dark/black jeans are a wardrobe “must”… the outfit possibilities are endless!

      by Erin Reply