Before I get into my obsession with this Kmart outfit…let’s get down to business on how you can WIN this look:

Winner is Courtney!!! Her definition of fashion is “expressing your creativity and creating a work of art – your inner beauty!” which I thought was just so beautiful!!

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2. Tell me what fashion means to you in 1 sentence (enter in comments below)

Ok now that we got that covered, let’s move on to the matter at hand. I get chills when I see these photos of Hilary. The outfit looks fabulous (pat on the back), but what really shines through is her energy in the photos….it’s just so palpable! Let this be proof that the energy you put out in the world is extremely powerful. It could make or break an outfit… At the end of the day, you could be wearing a potato sack and while that’s not an ideal outfit (well depends who you ask…) you can elevate the look by simply appearing confident in what you’re wearing. Amen.

If you’re too lazy to go through the steps to win the outfit, then here’s how you can buy it:
Black Pumps
Tweed Skirt (similar style but different color)
Neck Tie Blouse
Velvet Blazer

Model: Hilary Williams
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Fashion means that I can make the outside look as amazing and vibrant as I feel on the inside!

    by Gwen Reply
  2. Fashion means looking my best all-around….whether I am in a business meeting, or going to the store, or playing with my son, or on a date with my husband… all without breaking the bank!

    by Lil Reply
  3. I looooove this look. Because of you, I’m actually visiting the KMart site more and more. Keep it up!

    by Jess Reply
  4. I love this! No matter where an outfit comes from or how much of a “staple” piece it is, you always manage to make it look unique! I agree with what you have to say about confidence. I think it has a lot to do with believing in one’s self no matter what situation a person is in and understanding what it is they define as “self-worth”.

    by Anonymous Reply
  5. Hi,

    I am following you on Twitter as Jesusismygrace. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I am LOVING you on FB as Monique Jones and I also share this giveaway on my page.

    Fashion for me is a way to visual express who I am and how I am feeling for that date.

    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy holidays

    by Monique Reply
  6. This is a great look for work, office party, church, etc. Everything comes together really nicely-all around great staple items on their own too. I’m not loving the shoe on the model though. I would suggest a more traditional high heel shoe as opposed to the mary jane style she’s wearing. Nonetheless, as always, great work once again.
    Lastly, fashion to me means expressing yourself and being true to yourself and not letting society dictate what that should be.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  7. I am following on twitter as mamalovestoclip and on FB as Monique Strand. I completely agree confidence is key! Fashion for me is a way to express my individuality in a subtle way but one that still sets me apart from the crowd.

    by Monique Reply
  8. Fashion for me means expressing myself to the world without a single word, whether it is wearing all black because I am in a bad mood (or maybe I’m just having a fat day..), or wearing my favorite hat to add some electric originality to my outfit.

    Happy Holidays!

    by Megan Reply
  9. Fashion means breaking all of the “rules” and showing the world person you truly are by complimenting your body with quality clothing.

    by Rachel Reply
  10. Following you on FB (forget Twitter – not interested – I don’t follow or tweet) as Liana Yates… probably can’t win in Canada. No worries, Fashion to me means wearing what turns me on to LIFE in all its glory when I get up in the morning! It’s dressing for myself even if I don’t peek out the door all day.

    by Liana Reply
  11. Fashion to me is my style coming through not only in WHAT I wear but HOW I wear it! Specific to my personality and not ever compared to another. That’s what is so GREAT about fashion…it is unique to each individual!! Love that!!

    by Linda Seidler Reply
  12. To me, fashion must be a tool for women and men to provoke reaccions, good reactions, evoke memories & feelings and inspire us to become the best in every aspect of our lives. :)

    by Ces Heredia Reply
  13. Fashion means expressing your creativity and creating a work of art – your inner beauty!

    by Courtney Reply
  14. Fashion means using different textures and colors to create a work of art – your inner beauty!

    by Courtney Reply
  15. To me, fashion is about looking and feeling so good about yourself and what you’re wearing that others want to wear it too.

    by Marina Paul Reply
  16. My twitter name is FliptopperFan and even if I don’t win this outfit I’ll probably still buy it because it is that good!

    by Rachel Reply
  17. Fashion to me means mixing and matching the basics then adding a touch of color in a new bag or funky jewelry.

    by Sandi Reply
  18. I am so taken and impressed by everyone’s responses!!! So much wisdom. I feel like I should just compile all these quotes and publish a book!

    by shauna Reply
  19. The winner is Courtney for her wise words “Fashion means expressing your creativity and creating a work of art – your inner beauty!”. It was a tough call….everyone had such powerful responses. I really enjoyed reading each and every one of them! Congratulations to Courtney!!!

    by shauna Reply