Now that it’s December and the temperatures have officially dropped (or so I hear… Los Angeles is warm and sunny as ever, not that I’m complaining), I thought it was time to feature a look featuring the ultimate cold-weather staple: the Winter Coat.

Just because you have to wear a winter coat, you don’t have to let it define your personal style four months out of every year.  Although Brittnie and I were basically “faking it” when we put this look together, I do think we put together a look that’s warm but doesn’t skimp on personal style.

Here’s my (unsolicited) advice: when most of your outfit is covered up, your saving grace is in the details.  As the outer layers come off, more and more of these interesting details peek out.  Take off your gloves to reveal a cool ring, remove your scarf and a sparkly necklace appears, un-button your coat to show off a strategically-placed belt… you get the idea.

Sometimes even the chicest coat can make a girl look boxy, but the right outfit underneath can make a world of difference.  Brittnie’s outfit hugs her curves in all the right places, from the waist-cinching belt (especially useful with heavier sweaters), to the tailored pencil skirt.  We let the shape of the outfit speak for itself, and stuck with mostly neutral colors for a look that’s sophisticated and still “Winter Chic.”  




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  1. I’m in LA as well and I’d definitely wear this outfit now that it’s getting a bit chilly. I’m seeing more and more people wear grey with beiges, something I would not have thought to do. Will have to stop in at H&M and check out that coat. Would be a perfect compliment to many of my work outfits. Thanks!

    by ROMA Reply
    • The coat is definitely worth checking out- perfect for the (semi-) chilly LA winter, plus the shade of beige is really versatile. Let us know if you end up getting it… and thanks for your thoughtful comment!

      by smiller Reply
  2. Gorgeous elegant look that almost any generation could pull off. Also, another time to praise the “new look” of the website…just really enjoy the new layout and focus, so much easier to scroll around and find treasures. Great job–love!

    by Jennifer Reply
  3. I love the outfit! I love the look! I love you!

    Such a great look for you, Brittnie!

    Aunt Bert

    by Aunt Bert Reply