If this outfit doesn’t take you back to your third grade field trip to the local museum, then please give me a better descriptive title here…

When Hilary first caught sight of me coming towards her with this skirt in my hand she said, “Absolutely not!” and by the end, after much convincing, she proudly claimed she would wear the whole ensemble to work. Never judge until you put the garment on! These gray canvas ballerina flats are tres tres chic and go with just about any color and material. It’s always good to have one trusty pair of ballerina flats for the days you want to give your heels a rest.


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  1. LOVE this look – it’s sort of a throwback and maybe it’s the soft colors or the amazing curtain, but I get a definite Audrey vibe all around- there’s something very retro here – classic and classy. great job!
    You know what would go GREAT with this look…. saddle shoes and socks!

    by JGryff Reply
  2. i just want you to know that this website inspired me to browse all day instead of doing any real work. my employers thank you.

    by suzie Reply
  3. haha I know it’s addictive! I take full responsibility. Send my apologies to your office. xo

    by shauna Reply
  4. I love this look. I like the work appropriate aspect. I have such trouble finding work appropriate attire that isn’t hugely expensive, so this is awesome for me. Thanks! Wish we could “Like” Looks… cause I like this one.

    by Evie Reply