I’m having a very tough time starting the new week. Where is the time going? I feel like August just ended!!! There’s a bunch of exciting things happening with Penny Chic (You’ll find out soon) and this is a time where I really have to push through to get everything done right. Working alone is a battle against yourself. You have to continuously self-motivate and pump yourself up each and everyday. The one thing that never fails to get me moving (seriously) is thinking about all of you and how much I don’t want to let you down. #pennydeep

Here’s a smart outfit to inspire you with your career whatever it may be!

Shop it Online:
Button Down Shirt
Black Jeans

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Kate Siebrasse


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  1. it’s such a nice look for work or business. I can’t believe it’s Walmart! The model looks really good in that outfit. Good job, Penny Chic!!!

    by momsic Reply