We shot this outfit yesterday afternoon so we turned it around pretty quick as a post for today. As most of you know, my mom is my photographer and let me tell you….her job at Penny Chic, Inc. is basically a full-time job. She sets up all the lights, meters, stages the background, and produces the whole shoot by herself! Then, once the shoot is over, we upload ALL the photos and go over them one by one. She spends a long time on each photo making sure the lighting and technical aspects of the photos are perfect. I have to give her MAJOR props for all that she does. Without her amazing photography, the blog would be nothing. Here’s a little behind the scenes photo I uploaded to my Instagram:


Now back to the outfit… I bought this tweed dress from a Target event I went to in New York during Fashion Week. It’s by NY-based designer Kirna Zabete and was part of The Shops collection at Target. The dress is now on sale for $22 which is a great deal! It looks like it could be Chanel if you see it in person. I didn’t want to take the look TOO seriously so I paired it with a laid back fedora and booties. If you wanted to run go with the mod look, you could put your hair in a high bun and wear black opaque tights with platform shoes. That look is super chic but I went for a different vibe this time.

By the way, are you into tweed as much as I am?


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  1. I think this would have looked so much better with a pair of black opaque tights and maybe a black leather jacket of some kind. As is, it looks like a summer dress cut in heavy, fall material/texture. The boots look awkward with no socks and textured dress.

    by Karen Reply
  2. I LOOOVE Tweed!! I will check this out, esp since it’s on sale. Love that it’s A-line. i will see if it looks good with a long sleeved shirt underneath.

    by Lil Reply
  3. The name describes this outfit perfectly! And yes, your mother is incredible-so nice of you to highlight all that goes in behind the scenes.

    by Jordan Reply