Every girl at some point has owned a pleated skirt, whether it was intended for choir, school, or as an everyday look. I still have my Sue Mills pleated skirt from back in the day! Funny thing is that my school had no dress code…I just liked the look of pleated skirts so I made my mom take me to a school uniform store so I could buy one! Today’s model, Merryck, is no stranger to the pleated skirt. She came to the shoot straight from school and we decided spur of the moment to weave it into one of the outfits.

In this post, I wanted to prove how you can turn a skirt, or any other plain staple, into two entirely different outfits depending on your style. The first outfit is for those classic/girly types and the second is for a boho gal. By simply adding the right accessories and clothes, the skirt is completely transformed and no longer bears the look of a uniform. How many of you still have a pleated skirt lying around?


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  1. I had one for the longest time, too! And obviously also had no school dress code. I guess uniforms are more fun when you don’t HAVE to wear it. I love the tank in the second photo. And both of these outfits look beautiful on the model!

    by Jordan Reply