Dear Pennies!

Hope you all have are having a warm and cozy Christmas with your loved ones today. Enjoy every second of opening up those gifts…there’s nothing wrong with a little material thrill! But also make sure to take in the moment and be present in the company that surrounds you, because there will be no Christmas exactly like this one. Things change every year and no Christmas is the same. Take in all the delights of the day; laugh, eat, drink, and once you’re done, tell me all the fabulous, amazing, and even ugly/weird things you get haha!!

Merry Christmas from me to you :)



p.s. Can we talk about how absolutely adorbs Jessica Garvey from Hostess Handbook looks in this Princes Vera Wang dress!?


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  1. “Things change every year and no Christmas is the same.” That is so true and very profound. You sounds like a deep thinker (like me:)

    by erica Reply