Hope everyone is having a fantastic long weekend! What did you do? I went to the spa with my sister, ate pulled pork tacos, worked out, laid outside in the sun, and caught up on some reading. It don’t get much better than that folks….

This is a cute little BBQ outfit. That floral number that Sarah is wearing is actually a bathing suit. It’s a tacky swimsuit gone cool. You could wear this as an actual legit outfit or you could wear it as a bathing suit with shorts to cover-up before taking a plunge in the pool. The sunglasses are my favorite! Walmart makes great aviators and they’re only $5 in the store. Look for them!

Enjoy the rest of your day Pennies!!!

Shop it Online:

Floral Bathing Suit
Cargo Shorts

Photo: Shideh Miller


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  1. Ditto to what Sarah says, everything ties into the bathing suit. I like your idea of wearing it with shorts like a shirt too. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways of how we have to wear things and forget we can do whatever we please.

    by Anonymous Reply