Meet Leah and Mary, the fab duo behind the fabulous blog Fabulous on a Budget. How many times am I allowed to use the word “fabulous” before it gets annoying? As far as I’m concerned, it should be carte blanche when talking about these two stylish ladies!

Judging by the name of their blog, you can probably tell that the three of us hit it off upon first meeting. Leah and Mary themselves  met on their way to class at FIDM in Los Angeles and became instant besties. Their goal was to show people how to get the look and have the life “on a dime.” They share their fabulous and thrifty lives on the blog and also star in a bunch of different video series. My favorite one is called Door Knock Design where the two women come knocking at people’s doors and spend a day revamping a space that needs major help. Between working with interior design clients, blogging, and doing various web series, these girls have their hands full so getting them to model was a treat!

Mary went for a more 60s look with the cropped pant and striped top tucked in. I love the contrast of the turquoise with the neutral colors in the outfit. Mary’s philosophy on style is very simple. She believes “glitter looks FAB on everyone”!


Leah also went for the stripes but this outfit is much more modern than Mary’s. I like how the flats make it more casual! Leah’s two favorite accessories are “a smile and fab eyebrows.” What do you think the most valuable accessory is?

p.s. Don’t forget to visit Fabulous on a Budget!


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  1. wow! love blog guests… these 2 are amazing, so and you…


    by Mady Reply
  2. Love that there are two very different styles for stripes…and i love stripes. These ladies look totally happy and confident! Love the looks.

    by Jordan Reply