When it comes to jeans, flared jeans are my sweet spot. When I wear them with platform shoes, I simultaneously grow and slim out….what a miracle! When people think of flared jeans, they often translate that as hippie jeans. This post shows you how to wear flared jeans both in a casual, everyday outfit and in a boho look. Both ways are flattering and chic, it just depends on where your personal style tends to fit in. Do you consider yourself boho or basic?



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  1. I work at Old Navy and am constantly buying clothes ALL the time (wouldn’t you?!). It is awesome to see them put in an outfit that a soccer mom wouldn’t wear to go pick up her kids. Old Navy clothes can definitely be fashion forward, you just have to experiment. I love both outfits, but I love the boho a little better. I’d like to think that if I were given money to totally update/redo my wardrobe, it would be mostly boho.

    by Taylor Stone Reply
    • How lucky are you to get Old Navy at a discount! I agree, experimenting is what it’s all about. Power to the bohos! xoxo

      by smiller Reply