This is one of those occasions where I find myself saying….”I can’t believe it’s Walmart!” When you trick yourself, you know there’s some serious work being done.

If this isn’t proof that your men should be reading this blog then I don’t know what is!

Happy Sunday everyone. xx

Shop it Online:
Plaid Shirt (similar but not exact)
Work Boot (similar but not exact)
Dickies Jeans

Photos: Kohshin Finley
Model: Corey Gibson


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  1. Wow. He looks really nice in this. I like the entire outfit. Thinking of buying this for my brother!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. YUMMY. I agree I can’t believe this outfit is so cheap. And the model, Corey is HOT! Made my day a little bit brighter.

    by annebeth Reply
  3. Annebeth–he’s amazing to look at and sooo talented. He wrote the song “Cheers” for Rihanna!

    by shauna Reply