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  1. Yes, it does look familiar. Except it looks much better on you than either one of them! You go Shauna. You should be modeingl more for Penny Chic!

    by Momsic Reply
  2. Looks just like the Charity Gala Dress! :-) I agree with above! And, I’m always amazed at how you can find the look-a-likes.

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. I actually like the plainer boatneck and longer sleeves. More attractive look altogether. I’m also getting tired of everybody’s bare legs. Hey gals out there, wear some great hosiery sometime. Pinstripes, fishnets, solid opaques, lace, etc. It just looks more “polished” somehow. Especially if knees are chubby/knobby, or you have such pale skin that veining shows, etc.

    by Liana Reply