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Ruffled Dress (similar to this dress, but not the same)
Wedge Sandals

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White Lace Dress (similar but not exact)
Embellished Sandals

fedora (similar but not exact)
Striped Tee
Denim Shorts

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Shop it Online:
Maxi Dress (similar but not the same)

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Yellow Skirt
Black Ruffle Cami (in store I found it on sale for $7, but online it’s $12)

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. My favorite is San Diego chic, but I like the first two as well.

    by MelRanette Reply
  2. I would wear all of these looks, but I have to say that the LA chic is my favorite. I see a cute date night in my future!

    by Brianna Reply
  3. this is beyond amazing! I like all of the looks, but especially San Diego chic – and the faded glory woven totes have really been striking my fancy!

    by Katherine Reply
  4. I love these looks! I would wear all of them and I am kinda thinking about venturing to my local walmart to get them now:))

    by Kara Reply
  5. These are all awesome. Sophisticated and accessible. Also like the rainbow of ethnic backgrounds in the models. Great representation. And, LA chic looks like the cover of a magazine!:-)

    by Anonymous Reply