I can’t believe today is already the fourth day of my holiday giveaway series… luckily I have some amazing news for you guys today!  Kmart is giving away $100 to a Penny Chic reader!

I love the selection of elevated pieces from Kmart– with fabulous lines like Sofia Vergara and Jaclyn Smith, Kmart makes it easy to put together a look that’s both chic and affordable.  To enter to win, check out Kmart’s website and let me know in the comments: How would YOU spend $100 at Kmart?  


The winner will be announced on our giveaway page tomorrow at 10AM PST.  Here’s a little outfit inspiration, using some of my favorite pieces from Kmart, to get you started:





Leopard Blazer, Sofia Vergara, Kmart ($29.99); Leather Peplum Skirt, Sofia Vergara, Kmart ($24.99); Lace Long Sleeve Top, Sofia Vergara, Kmart ($14.99); Patent Pump, Kmart ($24.99); Statement Earrings, Bongo, Kmart ($3.99) (Similar Item)



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  1. I was in Kmart recently picking up some toys for Toys for Tots when I noticed the Sophia Vergara collection. There’s a lot of cute stuff. I would definitely pick up some of the cardigans. Selena Gomez’s line also had a nice faux leather skirt.

    by Rachel R Reply
  2. I would probably buy my husband some of he Adam Levine items since they have very similar builds and the items look so good on Adam on the tv commercial. If there is any left over I would buy myself something from the Sofia line. I have purchased Sofia before and love it.

    by Pat Lobosco Reply
  3. This is cute: http://www.kmart.com/attention-women-s-shirtdress-belt/p-027VA57345812P?prdNo=5&blockNo=5&blockType=G5 I have been wanting a shirt dress for a while now. SO affordable! I also dig this black one: http://www.kmart.com/attention-women-s-shirtdress-belt/p-027VA57345312P?prdNo=8&blockNo=8&blockType=G8 And this would be insane for new years!! http://www.kmart.com/ax-paris-women-s-iridescent-sequin-bodycon-dress/p-027VA67836912P?prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=G3

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    by Carrie P. Reply
  4. Hi Penny! I had a lot of fun browsing the Kmart site today… Here’s what popped out to me:
    http://www.kmart.com/attention-women-s-pleated-peplum-top-geometric/p-027VA57327112P?prdNo=5&blockNo=5&blockType=G5 LOVE Peplums, and this one looks comfy: $17
    http://www.kmart.com/route-66-women-s-long-sleeve-knit-top-metallic/p-027VA66972412P?prdNo=14&blockNo=164&blockType=G164 Who wouldn’t want this embellished sweatshirt: $12
    http://www.kmart.com/jaclyn-smith-women-s-knit-fringed-poncho/p-027VA66861712P?prdNo=16&blockNo=16&blockType=G16 I would ROCK this poncho: $24
    http://www.kmart.com/route-66-women-s-skirted-tweed-coat/p-027VA66889512P?prdNo=8&blockNo=58&blockType=G58 SO Serena van der Woodsen: $50

    by Mada Reply
  5. I would buy from the Sophia Vergara line.
    Most specifically the Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket and Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Skinny Jeans and the Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Studded Tank Top

    by Hayle Reply
  6. You look beautiful!
    I have a great job opportunity that fell out of the sky. God saved me,for sure.
    I’d probably spend it on some great suits/jackets, etc.
    and some pretty shoes

    by Cathleen Reply
  7. Nicki minaj zip back jeans in the color bartel- it has gold flecks! Sofia Vergara studded pocket tunic, Bongo Hudson boots and to top it off selena Gomez crossbody in blue. Would probably use the leftover on socks if were being honest here!

    by Leigh Reply
  8. Most deffinietly Sofia Vagara for myself and some Adam Levine for my son. Kmart has recently been my fashion find secret!

    by Ophelia Reply
  9. I would definitely check out the sweater section. I’m always freezing at work & could use a few more to keep me warm!

    by Nicole Reply
  10. I would buy my husband a bunch of stuff from the Adam Levine product line. He has some super cute stuff!

    by Valerie G Reply
  11. I would probably find myself in the cosmetics section. What can I say, I just LOVE makeup! I also found quite a few tops that were cute in the junior plus section. It can be so hard to find fashionable clothing in plus sizes, and I never thought to look to KMart. I’m impressed!

    by Meaghan Reynolds Reply
  12. Wow! I had no idea that Kmart had such great clothes. I spent so long today on the website and was excited to go shop there! I would start with the Selena Gomez red sweater and the leather skirt. So cute black knee highboys on the site too. And after purchasing that holiday outfit, amazingly, there would be money leftover for accessories. This seems impossible! I would love to win, and will get right to the shopping, lol!

    by Tiffany Voss Reply
  13. I would kit myself out head to toe in glam sequins and faux chinchilla fur with these edgy leather pants and studded pocket shirt.

    I can literally see myself in this whole outfit I’ve picked out!!;

    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Faux Leather Jeggings $32.99

    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Studded Pocket Tunic Shirt in Black $24.99

    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Monroe Dress Pump – Gold Glitter $16.99

    Jaclyn Smith Women’s Satchel Bag – Mock Croc Trim $11.49

    Jaclyn Smith Women’s Faux Chinchilla Scarf $7.49

    Jaclyn Smith Women’s Knit Gloves – Faux Fur Trim in Chincilla $4.49

    TOTAL $98.94 (but looking like a million)

    by Heather Gillespie USA Reply
  14. Shauna,

    Like I said before-Kmart really needs to put your on their payroll. You made their clothes look fabulous. I now make a point to check out their clothes for me (not just my kids) thanks to You! Here is my Sofia Vegara look I chose for a busy mom on the go to work and meetings…


    by Jen Reply
  15. I would check out the Sofia Vergara collection and would probably try to pick up some items for my boyfriend! THANKS!

    by Laura Reply
  16. I love Sophoa Vergara’s line!

    I’d love to get this sexy slip: http://www.kmart.com/sofia-by-sofia-vergara-women-s-torsette-slip-shaper/p-027VA56589012P?prdNo=7 this pretty fit & flare dress: http://www.kmart.com/attention-women-s-printed-fit-flare-dress-leopard-print/p-027VA66560912P?prdNo=13 and these sophia vergara thigh high stocking http://www.kmart.com/sofia-by-sofia-vergara-women-s-sheer-skirt-stockings/p-030VA57829912P?prdNo=3&blockNo=3&blockType=G3&blockNo=3&blockType=G3 and this gorgeous moto jacket: http://www.kmart.com/sofia-by-sofia-vergara-women-s-denim-moto-jacket/p-027VA57936012P?prdNo=7&blockNo=7&blockType=G7

    by Amy Reply
  17. Wow! Based on this post alone I would definitely buy more from the Sophia Vergara line. Do you think by wearing her clothes I would get her amazing accent? ;-) I’m all about simple chic with pops of color and/or statement pieces. This leopard jacket is a great example. Red pumps or a red blazer would also be really cool. To top it off I would try to add an oversized chunky sweater to go with my skinny jeans. There’s some on the site for as low as $10!

    by Jessica Moore Reply
  18. Ooh, I like the Qupid Women’s Natalee Ruffle Velvet Pumps and the
    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket. So cute! Thank you :)

    by Amber Reply
  19. I am totally loving your whole outfit! I would definitely snag that blazer you have on- and some rain boots :) They have such cute things. Totally shocked me. Love it!

    by Meaghan Biederman Reply
  20. I would stock up on jeans! I tried on some Route 66 ones that fit like a glove! Then, definitely some cute flats. Thanks for all of the fun chances to win the giveaways!

    by Kate B. Reply
  21. We have a Christmas tradition of giving PJs so I will get PJ’s for everyone and have them wear it Christmas morning. Since I like camo, here’s what I will get:
    my hubby:
    my 6 year old son:
    me (I’ve always wanted purple pjs):

    I am also going to get some warm weather boots for me (I live in the NE):

    And casual shoes for the lilguy…
    http://www.kmart.com/route-66-toddler-boy-s-ruy-boat-shoe-brown/p-035VA54086512P?selectedFilters=Shoe Size|12 – (Toddler/Youth)\&prdNo=10&blockNo=10&blockType=G10

    I would love to share this gift card with them!

    by Lil Reply
  22. I would love to buy some new clothes. I lost over 45lbs within the last few months and none of my clothes fit! Oh please!!!!

    by Mandy Reply
  23. Metaphor Women’s Petite V-Neck Tees, Attention Women’s Cardigan Sweater – Colorblock, Riders by Lee Petite’s Casual Skinny Pants, Genuine Dickies Women’s Petite Slim Bootcut Pant, Qupid Women’s Novak-16 Fashion Bootie – Taupe

    by Lea Reply
  24. I would be purely selfish. I’m obsessed with Kmart clothing. People think I’m totally fashionable and literally stop me to ask where I shop and I would say about 75% of the time I can say “Kmart!!”. I’m proud to dress well, and I’m proud to let everyone know that they can afford to dress well too. There are several dresses in the Sofia line and Nikki Minaj line that I need. It’s unbelievable how beautiful and affordable they are. #1 on my list is that gorgeous, jewel-tone blue Sofia dress with the black side rouching. Nikki’s line has a gorgeous wrap dress available in black and blue.. I want one of those too!! XO!

    by Crystal Knapp Reply
  25. I’m going to my home country, Colombia, in January. I would love to stock up on girls and boys underwear’s, socks, and sandals to give to some of the kids displaced in the slums due to the Guerrilla warfare. Seeing the look on their faces is always priceless!

    by Erika Correa Reply
  26. I would spend it on a fabulous New Years Eve outfit! There is nothing hotter than leather and lace, so I would pair this lace top
    with this fitted leather skirt
    with some killer, over the top holiday heels
    and matching jewelry
    And, I would still have enough to grab my guy a snazzy blazer from the Adam Levine collection

    by Lissabeth Reply
  27. I love the Sophia Vergara line for me and the Selena Gomez line for my daughter! Lots of fun pieces!

    by Christy Xandrick Reply
  28. I love shopping at kmart especially for outfits for my children they always have really cute ones. So that is what I would do if I was to win :)

    by Teresa L Shively Reply
  29. I start student teaching next semester so I would spend it on dress pants and tops to wear to my classroom each day

    by Lauren M. Reply
  30. I would definitely buy stuff from the Sophia Vergara collection for me and the Adam Levine collection for my husband.

    by Sarah Reply
  31. I would spend the gift card on my family. I have multiple sclerosis and can’t work.

    by Tracie Smith Reply
  32. would buy these




    Thanks for the chance! You look amazing as always :)

    by Ella P. Reply
  33. There is one particular Kmart here in NJ that I call “the bangin’ kmart.” It always has the BEST stuff! Last year I found the PERFECT jeans for me and they happened to be Route 66 from Kmart. I would start spending the $100 by ordering:





    Then top my new jeans off with some SUPER COZY sweaters, like these:



    and finally, these fantastic boots!


    by Melissa Reply
  34. Hi,

    Thanks for the giveaway.My hearty Christmas and new year 2014 wishes to everyone.This is the season of giving others.I would love to gift http://www.kmart.com/elgin-mens-watch-with-multi-function-dial-and/p-04413722000P?prdNo=21&blockNo=21&blockType=G21 watch to my brother-in law for his wedding(he is getting married this jan 2014)hurrah and i will chose http://www.kmart.com/armitron-ladies-silver-tone-bracelet-with-crystal-accents/p-026W004932055001P?prdNo=11&blockNo=11&blockType=G11 this watch for my bro-in-laws wife .I love to give them something real nice that they would use everyday thats why i choose kmart.Thanks


    by akshaya karun Reply
  35. i would definitely take some advice from penny chic herself. there’s lots of nice clothes at k-mart. i complemented my friend on her new coat and who knew? she said she got it for $5 at k-mart. i couldn’t believe it. but i’m sure i could do some sleuthing and find some things like that myself. sofia vergara has some sexy stuff too i may be interested in. ;)

    by jodi Reply
  36. I would buy coats for my kids. I like the Route 66 Girl’s Metallic Puffer Coat for my daughter and the Athletech Boy’s Heavyweight Puffer Coat – Colorblock for my son.

    by Kelly D Reply
  37. I would get new jeans for work,boots for wear at work and outside,get my husband some new clothes and anything with Pooh!

    by Laura Minarcik Reply
  38. I just moved to a city that has a Kmart and I absolutely love the cute, trendy, and AFFORDABLE clothes they offer.

    I would definitely get AX Paris Women’s Square Printed 3/4 Sleeve Dress (the perfect work to party dress when paired with a killer statement necklace and heels)

    I also love the Attention Women’s Ponte Dress with faux leather trim. The oxblood color paired with leather details is on point for this seasons trends!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    by Meghan Reply
  39. I would by a lot of basics. I’m big into thrifting, but I have a hard time finding basic tees, black work pants, etc. Looking at the website, I’m loving the Sophia Vergara collection and some of the Selena Gomez stuff too.

    by Julie F Reply
  40. What an awesome giveaway!! I love Kmart!!! I would buy this http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=2064855613&group=0&frame_type=l&blog=2151317&link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5wZW5ueWNoaWMuY29tL3Blbm55LXBvc3RzL2ttYXJ0LWdpdmVhd2F5Lw&frame=1&click=0&user=0

    AND this :) http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=2064855613&group=0&frame_type=l&blog=2151317&link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5wZW5ueWNoaWMuY29tL3Blbm55LXBvc3RzL2ttYXJ0LWdpdmVhd2F5Lw&frame=1&click=0&user=0

    And the heels you are wearing :)

    by Ashley Bree Perez Reply
  41. I love the leopard print fit and flare dress! I would also buy some clothes fory boyfriend, he needs some!

    by Lydia N. Reply
  42. I am a mother of four, full time nurse and college student. I would use the $100 to go spoil myself with a new ensemble or two. Sometimes I just need to get out of my scrubs! I am so busy with the kids, school and work that I rarely find time for myself. This would be the perfect opportunity. Thank you for the giveaway and what a beautiful ensemble!

    by Amanda Reply
  43. I would spend the $100 on more pieces to wear for the office. There are some cute work separates from Attention and Sofia Vergara lines.

    by Onika Reply
  44. I would purchase the classic black pumps you are wearing in this photo shoot along with, the faux leather skirt linked below.



    In addition I would pick up some new bedding, to help spruce up my bedroom.


    Thanks for conducting this giveaway series!

    by Janelle Reply
  45. There are a lot of things I really like!!! Especially these…

    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Faux Leather Trim Jeggings
    Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women’s Open-Front Blazer – Leopard Print
    Attention Women’s Belted Jacket

    by Ashley Reply
  46. I would spend $100 at Kmart to buy a desperately needed knew wardrobe. I’m 20, and haven’t boughten anything other that jeans &undies (lol) probably since my junior year in high school. :/

    by Lynsie Abell Reply