After many months of keeping you in suspense, Penny Chic has finally expanded. We crunched the numbers (which isn’t easy for a fashion gal) and added up the total. KMART was in the top 3 of the list! If you check out their new fashion campaign “Money Can’t Buy Style. Show Us What You Got”, you’ll understand why I was compelled to debut KMART first. Hope you enjoy this new step for Penny Chic!!

I mixed three different labels to achieve this look: Sofia Vergara (duh), Jaclyn Smith (unexpected), and Glo (I think it’s Juniors). I LOVE the leopard top and can also imagine wearing it as a dress with black opaque tights, a big statement necklace and platform pumps. OR even maybe as a nightgown. Use your imagination!!! The best part is that every single thing I used was on sale for about half the price. #score

For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, I will still be styling with Walmart clothes…I’m just adding more stores into the mix, Kmart being the first.

How do you think our first foray into non-Walmart land went?! Want to hear your thoughts!!

Shop it Online:
Leopard Top
Pleather Leggings
Platform Boots

Model: Me! (Shauna)
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller (my mom!)


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  1. Hey, I have two pairs of these pleather leggings (bought at Zellers in Canada for 12 bucks each). One I bought just before the 2010 Olympics in Whistler (where I took them while I was working in Security there), the other pair I just picked up 6 months ago. They go perfectly with my cozy sweater tunics, but I also like the leopard blouse shown here. My husband calls them my Catwoman tights. hehehe

    by Liana Reply
  2. Love that top. that’s essential – throw over dress, pair with jean shorts, the possibilities are endless! I want it.

    by Jessica Reply
  3. That is one fierce bitch if I ever saw one. Can’t believe those shoes aren’t designer. So excited you’re expanding to Kmart. There’s one around the corner from me, cant’ wait

    by TallYenta Reply
  4. Haha! I thought that was you modeling today! Looking great! I like the idea of expanding store choices, and K-Mart is a great store! I would love to see you style a few things for larger girls and us older girls! I still enjoy checking out you site, thanks for your HARD work! PS, red nail polish would have been a pop of color, as mentioned earlier.

    by Carol Reply
  5. LOVE IT!!! So glad you are now featuring KMart, good move!

    Keep up the fabulous work and let’s chat soon? Email me with what works for you and we can catch up!!
    Xo, Jessie

    by Jessie Reply
  6. Woweeee!!! The outfit is incredible and you look like dynamite!!!! Easily one of my favorites. Very cool you’ve expanded to KMART!

    by Anonymous Reply
  7. I find cute, chic stuff at Kmart all the time. Some of it has turned out to be pretty good quality, too. I have better luck there than at Walmart, really.

    by Lydia Reply
  8. Damn, Shauna!!! You look incredible AND I can’t believe that’s Kmart. I love the look.

    by Jordan Reply
  9. @Victoria–I agree! If I had red nails it would look amazing!!

    @Liana–Love “catwoman” tights. So true!

    @Carol–I’m working on getting some more models that fit the bill!

    @Jessie–Yes, I’ll email you!

    @Niki–I know…I love their new fashion campaign

    @Susan–When did you move to Ecuador? What kind of chains do they have there?

    @Allie–Yes you must! They’re amazing!

    @Budget Chic–Thanks lady! Workin it…one day at a time!

    by shauna Reply
  10. Whenever I see leopard print whether it is shoes, bags or clothes, – I always find it really sexy and hot! I don’t know the reason behind that but am just hoping ti’s collections are not really made out of real skin of animals.

    by Angelwynxx Reply
  11. Hi

    I’m in Las Vegas, I’m plus sized and 53. so if you’re ever in Vegas and need a model, I’m in :)

    BTW, I’m mostly a thrift store shopper, and a lot of pieces that work best for me are Faded Glory!

    by menopauseprincess Reply
  12. @Menopauseprincess–Will definitely let you know if I’m ever out there! Thanks for offering!!!

    by shauna Reply