Doesn’t Sharon look like a million bucks!? I know this outfit is a little pricier than normal, but it’s by the Kardashian Kollection at Sears, which explains why it’s almost $70. In my opinion, it’s ok to splurge on something like this because the fit is so impeccable. What do you think?

I also love the rubber necklace for $5.88. I saw something almost identical at a high end department store in NY for a couple hundred dollars! The necklace creates a statement without taking attention away from the boldness of the dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Shop the Items:
Kardashian Kollection Red Dress (Sears)
Kardashian Kollection Black Pumps (Sears)
Rubber Necklace (Walmart)


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  1. I’m not a Kardashian fan but I like the lines of the dress. Seems like it would flatter and maybe hide a few things you don’t want on display.

    by Crystal Reply
  2. love the necklace! The whole outfit looks very glam and pulled together. I love the boldness, yet simplicity of the pieces.

    by Ishah Reply
  3. Eh. I wouldn’t pay $70 for anything at Sears that isn’t hardware or appliances. It’s a great outfit though!!!

    by Emily Reply
  4. Ok Shauna the time has come for me to disagree on this outfit and your description of it. First off, the necklace is too big and looks awkward with the dress. I think if it was paired w/a white shirt and jeans it might work better but not with a dresser piece as in this dress. Second, the dress is not a good deal at almost $70. I have found many nicer fitted dresses at department stores for much less and the cuts were much more flattering. The cuts on this dress do not flatter the model-esp. in the bust and hip area. Now on to the shoes…I do like those : ) They are super stylish and go w/anything. And like some of the other readers here – I’m not a fan of the Kardashians or their line at Sears but that’s a whole different topic.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  5. Correction – I do like a few things in the Kardashian line, i.e. the shoes, but I think many of their pieces are overpriced for the look and quality of the pieces.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  6. At first, my thought was I don’t like the necklace very much. But then, I realize it’s because I’m just used to seeing the same type of jewelry on a dress like this; pearl or gold necklace. So, I’m with you now on this necklace! It’s different and interesting to look at. And, I would say, it’s a conversation piece too! Sometimes we just ought to step out of our comfort zone.

    by Julia Reply
  7. I’m with Julia on the necklace, and think it adds a lot of interest to the outfit. Reminds me of something handmade I might find on Etsy.com. Sharon looks amazing in this dress and has a great figure for it. She looks good!

    by Anonymous Reply
  8. shauna – pls tell us where you found this necklace! i think it’s darling!

    btw – there’s a store called charming charlie’s that you can get very reasonably priced accessories…have you heard of it? check it out sometime, i’m sure you wont be disappointed.

    i think the dress is flattering – i like the color. on principle though, i wont buy anything from the kardashians. there are other good brands at sears – uk style by french connection is always nice, lands end has a lot of solid basics, apostrophe..i always look at the sale rack first!

    by Lil Reply
  9. I love love love that necklace!! Somehow you managed to tame that necklace down with a beautiful red dress. The pumps are cute as well. I never think of buying clothes at Sears but this outfit may have just changed my mind! I still wonder why the Kardashians decided to team up with Sears. I think Sears got the better end of the deal but who knows! Thanks for sharing!

    by Kali Reply