** Congrats to our winners–Nancy, Holly and Cynthia!!! We loved all your answers on your go-to “comfort chic” outfits. Please email for details! XOXO **

If I got a penny (no pun intended) for every email I received from a mom asking how she can look stylish in clothes suitable for running around with kids, I’d be a gazillionaire. The answer is very simple… It’s all about how you style your most comfortable basics.

One of my favorite plus-size brands, Just My Size (sold at Walmart) sent me a couple pieces in Kate’s size to style into fabulous outfits. Sometimes, even when you have the right size in a pair of jeans, that doesn’t mean they’ll actually fit (especially when you’re a curvy girl). JMS is known for designing comfortable everyday clothes that fit every shape. Once you have a base for your outfit that feels good, it’s time to put on your styling outfit. For this particular outfit, I rolled up the bootcut jeans, because they were a darker wash that could handle the edge. The beige booties gives Kate some height while still maintaining the casualness of the look. The colorful fun top has a lot going on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate the sparkle by adding some neck bling. This is a perfect example of how moms can transform their comfortable basics into chic ensembles.


Three lucky winners will receive one pair of jeans and one t-shirt from JMS!

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2. Tell us in the comment box below what your go-to “comfort chic” outfit is.





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  1. Got the jeans today! They are seriously one of the best jeans I have tried on. SOOOO flattering. Pics to come…. Thanks again! and please thank Levi’s for me :)

    by Lil Reply
  2. My go to comfort outfit is a pair of legging a tunic a nice cardigan and a pair of flats :) that’s when I feel the most comfortable and relax.

    by Cynthia Reply
  3. I forgot to mention that also I like to add a scarf for some reason they just make you cozy plus you add a little something to your outfit!

    by Cynthia Reply
  4. I’m following you both on Facebook, and for comfort chic, I tend to turn to dresses + tights + boots. When I’m feeling the need to be comfy, tight pants aren’t it! Stretchy dress, stretchy tights…need I say more?

    by Holly Haley Reply
  5. My comfort chic outfit is simply jeans, basic tee, cardi accessorized with gladiators, bangles & studs!

    by regrache Reply
  6. I like to wear boyfriend jeans…literally I wear my boyfriend’s jeans and roll them up with a big knit sweater and booties. That’s what I wear when I want to be comfy and chic at the same time!

    by Gloria Reply
  7. My go to comfort chic outfit, (I have to say) is a pair of black workout pants and solid v-neck tee. It may not be look chic for every day wear but people think I look stylish for the gym!

    by Dianna Reply
  8. A scarf and a sweater always makes me feel comfortable… and jeans that have a little stretch in them!

    by Sherry Reply
  9. I’m as comfortable in a pair of jeans as I am when I’m wearing pajamas. I love jeans that have a little give to them. Paired with a cozy sweater and some ballet flats or flat boots.

    by Aubrey Reply
  10. I like to have my old and relable jeans JMS and add a nice belt (I just lost wieght ) and a over large top . Something about a over large top tells people I lost wieght . Go figure ? but I love the complments all the same . Dont forget to wear some very outlandishly large jewlery aka necklace , I dont know why but it adds to the effect that you have some how lost weight LOL.

    by Reply