Happy Monday, Pennies! Today’s chic outfit was centered around a pair of dark denim jeans by Jordache, one of my favorite denim brands that’s sold at Walmart for $16 and change. Now, as you saw from the shopping video I posted (and many of my recent outfits), I’ve been frequenting Walmart a lot more to get clothes for the blog. I feel right at home when I go there, because that’s the store where I first started shopping for Penny Chic outfit posts 3 years ago exactly! I’ve tried, touched, styled, and worn just about every piece of clothing in the store  and definitely have my favorite go-to brands, one of which is Jordache Jeans.

This pair in particular is a rare breed of denim because it’s appropriate for both work and play, which is something hard to accomplish!

When you look at the jeans online, you’ll see they’re called “denim leggings” and now that I’ve worn them a couple times, it makes sense considering the stretchiness of the jean (which also happens make them slimming), the dark wash, and the fact that they feel like loungewear. #score

I’ve already worn them twice in the last week and I can already tell that they’re going to become a huge wardrobe staple for me.  The fact that they’re more high rise (unlike most jeans these days!) and can be dressed up, makes these my favorite find at Walmart right now. Check them out next time you go to the store or check them out online now and let me know what you think!


p.s. What are you wearing to work today?!


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  1. omg! I just feel a girl crush on you with this outfit.. :) lol
    The Jordache fit you so great, and with the clean white collared shirt, hair pull back! perfect.
    definitely chic!
    have a blessed week Penny Chic.

    by Leidy LaLumia Reply
  2. I can vouch for these jeans! They are the perfect fit! I love them. I have them in black & rinse wash.

    by Garnets4life Reply
  3. LOVE this post! what size are you normally? I am typically a size 0 and these start at size 4 :( wondering if they run really small?

    thank you!

    by Janine Reply
    • Hi Janine! That’s a size 4. No they don’t run small. They run big if anything!

      by smiller Reply