Fellow fashion blogger Joo Kim and I have been trying to coordinate (for what’s seemed like eternity) a time for her to model on Penny Chic! The day finally came a couple weeks ago and she totally crushed the game. As you’ll see from her fashion blog, this girl can pull off just about anything and still make it look elegant. True story.

I love the combination of the two different prints on this outfit. They’re so different but the fact that they both contain black and white makes it a lot easier on the eyes. The hat was Joo’s brilliant idea! I had my doubts when she started putting it over her head, but as soon as I stepped back and saw the whole picture, I could see how crucial that accessory was to the whole ensemble.

Would you ever wear an alphabet printed top or bottom? They’re super in right now!



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  1. I love the way the blue bracelet and the blue shoes tie everything together. SO chic!!!

    by Emily Reply