So, I’m kind of in love with stripes these days, and am always a fan of a good floral print.  When blogger Joo Kim came over to the Penny Chic HQ, we put our stylist skills to work and had so much fun putting together this outfit.

I think it works because the two prints (stripes and floral) are really different in both color and pattern, so it’s clear that this look is meant to be BOLD– something I like to call “POWER CLASHING.”

Have you ever tried power clashing?  How did you make it work?



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  1. LOL Power Clashing- I love that! I’ve tried it a few times but was never sure it looked good. I think you’re right… it’s all about making the patterns look as different as possible!

    by Melanie Reply
  2. What a great phrase! I’m all about power clashing and this is a great outfit. The shoes add something very special! xox

    by Jordan Reply
  3. I really like the whole outfit but the shoes are popping too much for me! Maybe if I saw it in person it would look better.

    by Chrissy Reply
    • Hmm I know what you mean but I think it brings out the colors in the top. Maybe you would like better in person?

      by smiller Reply