I could describe Jamie, our blogger of the week, using the title of her blog name Queen of The Quarter Life Crisis, but the truth is that she really has it together or at least she does a FANTASTIC job of seeming like she does! She’s one of those girls who just “gets it” and keeps it real, while still maintaining a grace about her, which is VERY hard to come by in this town. I know penny pinching fashion, and there’s no denying Jamie knows beauty. She’s put in her years working in-house for beauty companies and at agencies representing them. Now, she writes about beauty (among other things) on her blog and will give you the rundown on her favorite products and why. Case in point.

Her first outfit is an homage to the holidays and is perfect for those ladies who are looking for a more sophisticated and classy look for New Years Eve! This is not your “I’m getting wasted and dancing on a table for New Years” outfit. If you’re going to an elegant evening at someone’s house, a sit down dinner at a hotel or a 5-course meal at a restaurant, this is the type of ensemble you should probably consider. It’s a glittery, classic, and festive outfit that’s also very comfortable. The dress is from Ross which means it’s SUPER affordable, but also means you probably can’t find the same exact one at your Ross. This is just to give you some sparkly inspiration for the big day.

What are your NYE plans? Are you raging, keeping it classy, or taking it easy?


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