Today is my 25th birthday!!! I’m a quarter of a century old and officially in my “mid-twenties”. 24 was a HUGE year for me and I have my readers to thank for that. The past 5 months have been quite a journey. I dreamt of creating Penny Chic for 2 years before I decided to actually take the plunge and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I finally did it. The learning curve has been huge for me! And it’s been such a pleasure to get to know my readers. I really feel a connection to all of you and appreciate all the support you’ve given me!

25 is going to be GREAT! I can’t wait to see where this blog takes me and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

Love you all!



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  1. Shauna, Happy, Happy Birthday! Wow, I remember when I was 25, and now I have a daughter 26. But it’s all good and I love your site. Have a great day now.

    by Patti Reply
    • Yay I made it to GB!!! Thanks for including me in a web post. That’s super cool of you and a nice bday gift :) xoxo

      by shauna Reply
  2. Happy happy birthday! I celebrated my 25th in March. Oh that Miss Tuna Dress is hott!

    by BIDAJUICE Reply
  3. Happy Birthday to you! Love the earrings, dress and especially your polka dot birthday cake!

    by momsic Reply