It feels weird to see a complete bathing suit ensemble modeled in front of a white background in a studio. The truth is, it’s been hard to get my friends to come and model for me during the day so sometimes my mom is forced to use her lighting equipment and white backdrop. How do you guys feel about the photos taken in the studio rather than outside?

I imagine an Italian woman wearing this outfit in the Amalfi Coast in Italy. She is one who wears bright lipstick and gold jewelry when she sunbathes. I mean, don’t you?

Wish me luck! Love you all!


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  1. She does have the Mediterranean Vacation look going with this outfit! Very high class vacation feel~ I, personally, like the studio background you have. I think the ensembles look great against it because you can see the pieces without getting distracted by other things in the pictures. Although, outdoor pics look really good sometimes too! :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. I really like your bikini. I wish I could find a similar one here in the Philippines :)

    by Pinky Reply