This whole outfit is less than $25 head-to-toe. Isn’t that wild? (get it? ha!)

For $12, this OP dress could be worn a number of ways. Over a bathing suit for a BBQ, with black pumps and big earrings for a night on the town and just like you see it here, for a weekend day spent with friends. Even though we opted for a black and white motif here, it’s the perfect dress to add a pop of color to. if I was trying to make a statement with the outfit, I would wear a big necklace in a bright color. For now though, I’m totally satisfied with the 2 rubber bracelets that read “PEACE” and “FABULOUS.” Can you think of 2 better words? I can’t!

Shop it Online:
OP Dress (same cut, different print)
Ruffle Sandal

Photo: Shideh H. Miller

Model: Chuva Featherstone


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  1. I LOVE the dress. I would wear it with white capris. Also in winter this could be styled with a tight black turtleneck and black tights or leggings. The dress would add the volume to the outfit. Top with some silver chains and hit the town!

    by ann Reply
  2. Cute dress. I agree you could easily add to the outfit what you wanted. If it were cooler, maybe some tall black/brown boots, the blue beaded necklace worn in other photos and a shrug or black jacket. :-)

    by Anonymous Reply