Hilary is a mover and a shaker. If anyone should be modeling as an intern, it’s her. She’s been interning since she could walk, and the minute she graduated college, the industry came calling. If Hilary’s day job doesn’t work out, there’s always a career in improv waiting. She and I won the 2004 Improv Championships at Crossroads High School and I’ll never forget her wit on stage. She’s one funny lady…

It takes a keen Fashonista to know that looking chic doesn’t mean you have to be loud in the workplace. As an intern, it’s better to be understated and let your work do the talking…

These black jeggings were a favorite on set. Hilary took a pair home, as did I. They are made from a stretchy jean material with a waist completely of elastic. The hobo bag is perfect as a winter work bag. The gray tweed fabric goes well with just about any color, especially winter tones.


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