One of the biggest requests I get from you Pennies is that I include models of ALL ages, not just women in their 20s. I always like to honor what my readers tell me and this time it happened to be something that I feel strongly about. It was always easy getting the younger people to model for me because most of them are in my extended circle of friends. But this time, I called on my 56-year old mom to do the job! Now she’s not just any mom, this beautiful woman is the in house photographer for Penny Chic and also happens to have raised me (quite well might I add). My mom is the perfect example of how your age should never deter you from getting dressed up everyday. It’s not like my mother wears heels and pearls everyday but she always looks put together and never lost that touch throughout the upbringing of her three children. The same tips I give to everyone of my readers: wear belts, statement jewelry, mix ‘n match, etc. applies to every single one of you. There’s no exception to the ladies over 50.

My Penny mama graciously let me take over and do to her what she’s seen me do to so many others: style her into an outfit. I think the outfit came out beautifully! The top is a vest-like cardigan that i wrapped around her like a shirt and put on a belt to keep the two sides together while still cinching the waist! The hoop earrings and silver thick bracelet are crucial to the outfit because they brighten the skin and help frame the whole ensemble. As we get older, there’s usually a bit more cushion added to our mid section. Tops like this, where the attention is drawn to the waist, are great for hiding that problem area.

Now I’m going to open some questions to my Penny moms so I can better understand where you align yourself with fashion:
Do you struggle with dressing for your body type?
Does your age make you think differently about what you should be wearing?
What kind of look do you aspire to? Conservative? Flirty? Modern?

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  1. First I just wanted to say that I check your blog daily and thank you for all the great ideas.
    To answer some of your questions I do have a hard time dressing my body. Before I had my little girl I was (I think) a hourglass now I think I am more inverted triangle. Top heavy with not a very defined waist (which I am still getting used to dressing ). Honestly I am looking for things that are work appropriate and fun clothes on the weekend. I don’t want to worry if my skirt is too short or if ummm…one of the “girls” might make an appearance, but I need to be able to play outside and not worry about spills and sticky hands too. I still want to look fun, young and well like a women. I hate the stereotypical idea of what a mom should look like. I still want to feel like β€œme” but better 

    by Linda Reply
  2. Your mom is SOOO pretty!! I see where you get your good looks! And I love the outfit you styled for her! I check your site daily and love it!! You are going places girl!! This has been a brilliant idea for a website and to market your skills at styling!!

    by Lisa Reply
  3. Love it! As always I really appreciate it when you show models that look like me. It just makes more plausible that I can do it too!! Thanks!!

    by Heather Reply
  4. Wow! Your mom looks Amazing! I hope I look that good when I’m her age! I absolutely love her outfit. Especially the stripes and shoes. You know, I just recently had a new haircut and now have bangs, which I haven’t worn in 20 years, so I’m adjusting to them. But looking at your mother wearing them. She really rocks it. I love that! Answering your fashion questions above-yah, I use to be a size 0 -2 10 years ago and it seems like each year a pound slowly creeps on. I don’t get hard on myself about my weight, but I certainly notice it and don’t wear clothes the same way I use to. I also have a much larger top than I did when I was younger, so wearing lower cut shirts definitely factors into my decisions of how I wear something. I have a goal this year of getting my wardrobe in order and upgrading it, in a sense, so I’m really appreciative of all the ideas you post/share on your blog! Thank you :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  5. This looks great! I recently got my Mummy to start wearing belts and they look great on her!
    I love looking through all of your posts and style ideas! Today I’m actually wearing a little jumper from the Max Azria/Miley Cyrus line from Wally World :)

    by Jillian Reply
  6. I’m a plus sized mom with young kids. I don’t even know what kind of style I have. I enjoy looking at your blog to get ideas – and ones I can afford – on how to dress up a little more. I’m constantly up and down off the floor lifting and moving kids. I need clothes that let me move around without worrying about them. I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt mom, but I’d like to look nicer than that, but still be able to do my work.

    by Carin Reply
  7. Linda–Thank you so much for sharing your answers to those rather personal questions. I totally see where you’re coming from. You’re still grappling with your new post-baby shape and what it means to run around with kids all day. I think there’s a very fine line between looking stylish and wearing things that aren’t realistic for your life style. The most mom-proof yet stylish outfit would probably be something like leggings with a fun tunic (leopard, a bright color, or stripes perhaps)–Take a look at the Miss Tina collection at Walmart. I’m going to have a couple more mom outfits on the site in the coming weeks so look out for those!

    by shauna Reply
  8. Carin-I completely get where you’re coming from…I think most moms get stuck in the jeans and t-shirt funk and there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I suggested to Linda (see above), I think leggings with tunics might be a good solution. There are some stylish tunics out there in plus-sizes and if you pair them with leggings you’ll be comfortable and refreshed from the look you’re used to. Another idea is to continue with the jeans and t-shirt but add some pizazz to it. Get a pair of dark wash jeans and put on a bright colored top or even a crisp button down. Hope this helps! xo

    by shauna Reply
  9. Your mom looks awesome! I’m a size 12 and wouldn’t wear skinny jeans. I also have trouble finding most of the looks you are able to pull together. For instance, my wal-mart doesn’t have that cardigan nor any of the ones you put up today in the fall wardrobe post. Do you get them online?

    Thanks for all you do!

    by Angie Reply
  10. I am 53 years old and really just recently started being excited about fashion. Both of my children are in college and don’t really need me as much anymore. That also allows me to spend a little more money on myself. Ha Ha So I check your site daily and would love to see more women around my age being represented. Thanks for making fashion fun and affordable.

    by Patti Reply
  11. Hi Patti–Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m so excited for you now that you’re getting into fashion…it’s a whole new world! I will definitely be putting more women in your age group on the site so stay tuned :)

    Angie–I get some of the stuff I use online. I always put links to those items in the posts if they are still available. Otherwise, I just run around to different Walmarts to find stuff. The inventory is different from store to store, but you can always call your location ahead of time to ask whether they carry that particular item. Sorry it’s been difficult!! Thank you so much for reading the blog xoxo

    by Shauna Reply
  12. I will be celebrating that half-century mark in a few weeks, and I struggle with the fact that the fashion industry seems to think that all women over 45 can afford to shop at Talbots and Ann Taylor. I’m a working mom, so I like to look put together but comfortable. I love this site, but would like to see more styles for us “seasoned” women. It’s difficult to find that balance between stylish and age appropriate.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    by Ginny Reply
  13. Thanks for your blog Shauna – like most women, I struggle at times to dress for my body type. I am petite but have tummy – post pregnancy my body didnt really go back to it’s original shape. What i dont like are the rises of most jeans today make my tummy ‘spill over’. What do you do to fix that? What effective undergarments can you use? Can you please feature something in your blog that is available in Walmart – most shapers are very expensive and I dont know if Walmart’s offerings compare to those available in higher end stores.

    I sort of feel like I have two fashion personalities – sometimes I would like to look modern, while looking age appropriate, but at the same time, I like to invest in classic pieces that would last me a long time. I am in my mid-40’s but since I am petite I look much younger for my age, however, I want to look age-appropriate. It’s tricky to look modern and chic without looking like you are trying too hard. I am always looking for ideas and I look forward to seeing your blog everyday.

    by Lil Reply