This leopard number is the famous bustier dress from Sofia Vergara’s collection at Kmart. It was originally $45 and now it’s $22.99! #winning (am I allowed to still say that? haha)

If you have the right attitude, this dress will look fabulous because the fit is on point. The trick is what I like to call “owning it!”. This dress in particular could either look like a million bucks or $2 depending on how you wear it. Tips: Stand straight, look people in the eye, smile a lot, and at least pretend like you’re having fun even if you’re not!

Shop the Look:
Sofia Vergara Bustier Dress $22.99 (Kmart)
Mossimo Chunky Red Heel $29.99 (Target)
Ana Gold Necklace $10 (JCPenney)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Michelle Miller


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  1. Love it! Especially with those shoes and the red lipstick, definitely think those help her “own it.” Model looks fabulous!

    by Jordan Reply
  2. Really nice! I have to say, I totally agree with your tips about “owning it”. I believe, in life in general, it’s best if we “own” the decisions that we make! There’s a piece of motherly advice!

    by momsic Reply
  3. Unfortunately I am too flat chested to wear that style of dress :( But i def have the “attitude” for it…lol

    by veronica s Reply
  4. I love that dress, I need that in my closet. I’ve been in Kmart recently and did not see this on the racks anywhere, guess I will have to order it on-line!

    by budget chic Reply