I’m leaving the birthday party and the door is definitely hitting me on the way out. Is it all really over? :( OK 25, let’s see whatchya got…

I’ve been to enough interviews in my day to know what an HR gal looks like. There’s a very distinct personality and look, not to generalize or anything. She’s always approachable, put together, and corporate…. but with a little pazazz!

I really dig this work chic look. Between the plaid blazer, the pearls and the pencil skirt, it’s a very well balanced look, not to mention flattering.

Shop it Online:
Grey Tee
Patent Sandals (similar. not exact)


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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I’m really into the lady-like look, and this does it well with a little extra something. this look really works – from pearls to plaid. :)

    by Katherine Reply
  2. Love your blog, I’ve been lurking for a while, but this post begged me to question:

    Since when did open-toes sandals become work-appropriate? Personally, I don’t think the blazer and pencil skirt business look goes with sandals at all…

    by Kristina Reply
  3. I dunno. I love all your stuff, but I feel this is missing the pizzaz that I usually see with my favorite HR reps. I would love to see a really nice stiletto with this with maybe a fun pop of solid color. I’m not sure if Walmart has the best high heals, but even payless has some chic shoes every once in a while. I’m thinking a red pop for this outfit.

    by Evie Reply