OK…for those who actually live in normal climates (LA excluded!), here’s a little Fall/Winter for ya! Anyone really experiencing cold weather yet?

Now, here’s the secret to this outfit… The jacket came from the Girls section at Walmart. When I say “girls” I mean like youngins between the ages of 5-14. This was a size 14/16 and somehow it fit a tall (gorgeous)25 year old! So when I say “cross department lines” in all my interviews, I mean literally traverse from department to department and open your eyes. If you’re not too inspired by what the Womens section has to offer at your local discount store, experiment with Mens, Girls, Lingerie, and even Boys! (I’ve gotten some great graphic tees from the boys section before!).

p.s. Take a closer look at the patent leather loafers…they’re $2.50! I think that’s cheaper than gum these days.

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Faux Wool Coat
Denim Shirt
Black Jeans


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  1. Shauna: Wowza! Houndstooth is always a hit with me (also prince of wales check – but you don’t see much of that at WalMart.) I too have purchased things in size 16 in the girl’s section and I am 5’8″ and 142 lbs. A “shrunken blazer,” and a lovely pink longsleeved tunic. Pants never fit though, darn. It’s always a good idea to check out your other options in different departments – I’ve done the “boyfriend jacket” in a 36 mens’ blazer too. (The less popular sizes are quite often on sale)

    by Liana Reply
  2. I would have never chosen this combination, but it looks great! I am really fond of the jacket. There are several longer and shorter ones out there, but the one in the pic is just the right length in my opinion.

    by Leslie Reply
  3. This is so cute, I love this look for real! This outfit has my niece’s name written all over; totally her style. I emailed her this post.

    by Budget Chic Reply
  4. Thank you for thinking of us colder climate girls. This is adorable and perfect for our weather here today in Seattle. I love shopping in other dept’s you never know what you find especially the little boys. I used to love getting basic tees in the boys dept as they were usually half the price of juniors or womens for the same thing.

    by Monique Reply
  5. Liana–Sounds like you live by my mantra! Nice work…

    Sarah–Glad you agree!

    Leslie–Yea I think the length works perfectly too!

    Budget Chic–Hope your niece buys it. If she looks anything like you, I’m sure it will look great!

    Monique–Yay, a reader from Seattle. Love it over there! I know the boys tees are shockingly great!! So funny…

    by shauna Reply