Hoo la la…get it?

The rain boots are incredibly sleek and slenderizing. I like the fact that they come up so high on the leg, and not just mid calf. The material has a matte finish, rather than a shiny one, which I prefer. If you’re looking for an elegant pair of rain boots, then check these out! Rachel said they were extremely comfortable too.

Shop it Online:
Long-Sleeve Tee (similar style but different graphic)
Rain Boots

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Rachel Williams


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  1. Love the owl shirt! I’m going to get on line and find that! Also the rain boots are so awesome! Too bad we don’t need rainboots in Texas cause it never rains anymore! LOL.
    Very cute!

    by Tammy Reply
  2. @Anonymous–Yea, it’s a cute!

    @Tammy–Not sure if you’ll be able to find it at a Walmart store. It was only being sold online from what I could see. Check back online and see if they get more in stock. Don’t jinx the lack of rain in Texas–that’s a good thing! haha

    @Sarah–the rain boots are ultra chic…totally agree!

    @Jess–After looking at the photos I do agree with you. Someone like Rachel, who’s long and lean can get a way with a shirt that short but us real gals probably couldnt. To my credit, they are jeggings so in person they don’t look like average leggings…thanks for the comment!

    by shauna Reply