The “Holidays” as we refer to them, are beginning on Thursday. I always like to have a couple killer outfits fully styled and ready to go on the back burner so when I’m invited somewhere, I know what I’m wearing. It’s always good to wear sparkly, shiny, pretty things which is why this outfit is so perfect. It may be just a little much for Thanksgiving, but I’d wear this to a formal holiday party. Speaking of Thanksgiving, where are you spending it?

Shop it Online:
Party Dress (similar idea, but not exactly the same)
Ankle Boots

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Amanda J. Chanen


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  1. I like the dress but the seam on the lower skirt, looks odd. Its almost as if they ran out of fabric and just stitched a panel maybe 8 inches wide, to the bottom of the dress. But for $14 who can really complain.

    by annebeth Reply
  2. I’m staying in town, was just on a short trip and have to travel next month, so keepin things low key. Love this outfit. Saw a few people wearing something like this last night at a concert I went to. I thought they looked great! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    by Anonymous Reply
    • #BudgetChic–No they’re no longer selling it online! but if you search “juniors party dress” there are a couple on there that look like it.

      by shauna Reply