If you have the balls to send a solo holiday card (which is awesome!!), you should do it while sitting on a grand piano. Wayyy less awkward. Why the foggy border you ask? For that extra bit of Hallmark cheesiness that we all have come to love so much. In my house, we tape people’s Holiday cards to our bar. Don’t ask….It’s like my parents are running an orthodontics office. My favorite is the awkward card from our local cleaners. Gotta love a holiday card.

This outfit, as cheesy as its background may be, is great for a festive holiday party. I love sequins, but on a large scale it can get even cheesier than this photo setting, which is why I went for a sequin scarf turned head wrap. It’s an accent rather than a centerpiece. The “embellished tee,” as its called, can be used as a dress or a shirt depending on the size. It was on clearance for $9 at Walmart which is more than a bargain considering the gold studding….


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