Sorry for the late post! Just wondering… What time do you guys usually check the blog so I can make sure everything is up in time?

Back to business. Granted, Corey could pretty much make ANYthing look good, the outfit itself is pretty darn cool. Rolling up the jeans was a little extra touch that added a lot to the look. Even if the hipster vibe is not your thing, you have to appreciate the fact that this trendy Mens ensemble is only 55 bucks.

Shop it Online:
Plaid Shirt
Skinny Jeans

Photo Credit: Kohshin Finlay
Model: Corey Gibson


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  1. Only $55?!? That’s great!

    I check your site everyday very early; around 6:30 am in the Midwest. I check yours first everyday for inspiration as I’m getting ready for work.

    Don’t feel that you have to have a new outfit posted that early on my account. If a new outfit isn’t posted I just check later in the day. :)

    by Jennifer S. Reply
  2. I check it later in the day mid-afternoon when it’s quiet at work 😉 Pacific time zone.

    by Liana Reply
  3. You’re right, he does look good in pretty much anything. Thanks for the men’s posts, I haven’t had a chance to check out all of the men’s section yet, so I appreciate the outfits.

    I generally look at things after 10am..when I’m getting settled into my day. Or it’s not a crazy week.

    by Anonymous Reply
  4. Thanks for letting me know when you guys look at the blog. It’s good motivation for me to get the posts up earlier in the day!

    by shauna Reply
  5. I love to check it first thing when I’m drinking my coffee and checking my email (for added inspiration :-) )

    by Monique Reply