Trust me, if Walmart made cowboy boots, they’d be on our model, which is precisely why I entitled this post “hillbilly chic” instead of “cowgirl chic.” I believe in Hillbilly Chic…. Anyone see The Beverly Hillbillies? And I’m of course referencing the 90s movie and not the 60s original sitcom (although I hear it was great!). That daughter was a hot little ticket, and so is Ms. Chloe in this little number.

I will say one thing on the topic of cowboys, this cowboy hat from Walmart is very “authentic” and by “authentic” I mean it at least feels like the real deal. It has that metal lining around the edge to keep the hat pointed up on the sides. The shirt is also good quality. It may not be authentic cowboy garb, but it would certainly look good with a pair of high waisted bell-bottom jeans with platforms or white skinny jeans with flats. Get my drift?

Shop it online:
Couldn’t find this exact cowboy hat online, but I found this one
Floral Button Down Shirt
Bermuda Shorts

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. they do have cowgirl boots but i think they are black. i seen a few pairs on sale for 5 bucks! at my walmart.

    by stephanie Reply