You may or may not have seen her model on the blog (see here or here. Isn’t she gorgeous?), but you all have definitely seen and enjoyed her photographs on Penny Chic day after day for the past year. What you don’t know is that this woman works tirelessly to ensure that each and every photo on this blog is absolutely perfect. She puts up with a lot from her daughter (ahem) who always calls on her for help….beyond just photography. Without her, this blog would be nothing. …And to top it off, she also happens to be the best mother in the world.

Happy Birthday mom!! Thank you for being a part of this ride with me!

If you have a second, please wish her a bday note! She loves you guys so much and feels so blessed to be able to share her photos with you.


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  1. Happy Birthday!!! You’re an amazing mom and photographer! Love your beautiful photos!! Hope you have an awesome day!!! xo :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. Happy birthday!! You are so talented and dedicated obviously. I hope your birthday is absolutely wonderful Momma Penny Chic :)

    by Ashley Reply
  3. From one mom to another:

    Have a terrific birthday! We all are loving the wonderful World of Penny Chic. The great photography is an essential component.

    by Abbie Phillipa Reply
  4. Beautiful picture 😉 Wishing a wonderful birthday to your wonderful mom! She sure is a great photographer 😉

    by Darlene Reply
  5. To all of you that took time to wish me happy birthday, THANK YOU! It meant so much to me. Yesterday morning, as I do each day, I was checking to see what Shauna had posted. To my surprise, I saw the dedication post to me and all the kind words that she said about me made me cry uncontrollably. And then to read all your birthday wishes made it even more special for me. You are all appreciated and loved by me and Shauna! You are what makes Penny Chic succeed and your comments and support give fuel and energy to the engine (Shauna) that keeps going and creating. Thank you again. Much love and appreciation! Shideh

    by momsic Reply